Perth’s Best Place for Whiskey

A  tasting workshop and a thirst for whiskey knowledge had tempted Tom.  We were both delighted to accept an invitation from Whippersnapper Distillery to attend their monthly whiskey tasting workshop in East Perth.


Whippersnapper Distillery is Perth’s first urban distillery, owned and operated by young West Australian entrepreneurs using local WA grains to produce their unique range of whiskey.

We were joined by a large group of mostly men (and a few shy women) for this 2 hour tour.    An informal introduction and history of the distillery was followed by a tour with informative talk on the production process.


Our host with the giant still


Soon,  the much anticipated tasting commenced with a sample of Moonshine.   This is a clear spirit with two varieties. One which has been freshly distilled and the other barrel aged for 6 weeks..   Whippersnapper has their own brand, Crazy Uncle Moonshine which has been distilled twenty times.  Interesting name and a very strong drop with a surprisingly clean and fresh taste!



More welcome tasting of  their brews and information  was followed by the “formal” part of the tour  with some serious Whiskey to follow.   Three glasses of liquid gold were tasted with enthusiasm whilst learning more of the production process and types of whiskey we were sampling.


7 Things we learned about whiskey that we didn’t know

1   Whiskey can be made from any grain including quinoa!   Cognac is a brandy made from grapes.


A selection of grains which can be used to make whiskey


2  Before being barreled the whiskey is clear moonshine.


3   Whiskey starts it’s life the same as beer.   Both commence as fermented grain with added water and yeast.  For the initial 2 days beer and whiskey are created using the same process.  Whiskey is then distilled whereas beer is fermented.


  • The Darth Vader


 Adding a few drops of water to whiskey allows the aroma to be released.


 Bourbon is a whiskey which is aged in charred barrels.



6   It is acceptable to add ice to whiskey.


7  Single malt whiskey is made from malt and barley of one distillery whereas a blended whiskey contains a mix of several single malts.



Tom and Christina
Who would love this tour?

This would be a terrific afternoon adventure for all lovers of whiskey who enjoy tasting varieties from different distilleries

International visitors wanting a different experience in Perth.

A “boys day out” or stags function.

A gift voucher for your favourite person.

Father’s Day gift.

 A Whiskey tasting workshop at Whippersnapper Distillery costs $75 and is held on the  first Saturday of each month.

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