About us

Christina and Tom

We are a couple in our fifties of an Australian / Irish / Estonian mix, now based in both Mandurah, Western Australia, and Bussiere-Poitevine, France.

We have both been avid travellers  for all of our lives.  In fact, we met whilst working at the same hospital in Saudi Arabia in the eighties.

Six years ago we became “empty nesters” as our three children had moved away from home to explore the world.

We very happily lived a middle class, suburban life in Perth  for 25 years as our family grew and schooled.

With a mid-life crisis and love of travel we decided it was now “our time”, so we sold our large family home, downsized to Mandurah, Western Australia,  then bought a rural house and gite (holiday cottage) in France.

We now spend around half of the year in France and half in Australia so summer all year for us!

Our journey  to be gite owners  (holiday cottage)  in France has been fantastic and we love the challenges which arise. Our gite, The Croft,   provides a modest income for while we are resident in France and while we are back in Australia we both work full time.

We decided to write this blog as we are constantly asked about our lives and how we manage to have such a great lifestyle.   I (Christina) have studied Literature and Writing, worked as a professional educator, been journal and newsletter editor for ADOHTA and have a passion for writing.    Whilst in Australia I work as  a Dental Hygienist, a career I have been following for the past 20 years.

Tom, being Irish, has the “gift of the gab”  with a strong customer service background and besides, who doesn’t love to hear a soft Irish brogue?  Tom has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry where he owned and managed his own Gym and is now working in the Security industry.

We are passionate Francophiles, love good food, good wine, travel and experiencing all the world has to offer.

Christina and Tom